Kyneton creating Woodstock memories in the women’s century

Vita Freedom (1)Kyneton a wee elegant town in  the eastern region of Melbourne Australia  are doing it for themselves again,  Now in their 2nd year of the Kyneton Music Festival! The region is thrilled as Kyneton is raising the bar the musical aspirations the hearts and minds of a new generation of music lovers!

Kyneton Music Festival, it is suggested could well be the Woodstock of the south with more longevity! Bringing love light music and freedom to a 21st century generation, born to have their voices heard in the wild new frontiers of social media and indeed the women’s century!

Kyneton will fly like the eagle and dig into the soil of their soul this weekend,with the very fabulous and very now 

The  team have worked relentlessly to build on the wild success of their inaugural Festival in 2013! Kynenton is the new place to see and be seen for musicians and music audiences a like at the end of a long hand winter in the northern hemisphere or a grueling summer in the southern hemisphere loved ones!

So stay alert aware of Kyneton Music Festival as they dance wildly into a love filled future!  Sorry this media release like the 60’s generation refuses to budge on its beliefs (bless them)!

Yet sadly unlike the 60;s free spirited generation it is NOT  it would seem wanting to change and evolve it font size in WordPress!  Oh the irony of 21st century American tools of the trade for social media loved ones!


Freshly minted and eagerly awaited – The Kyneton Music Festival returns

For any music lover with a voracious appetite for new music, The Kyneton Music Festival 2014 will not disappoint. The Kyneton Music Festival 2014 will return to the venues of this small historic town from Friday, 28 February to Sunday, 3 March 2014. The line up for the festival is bursting at the seams with fresh talent, bringing together both local country, blues and roots acts and as well as showcasing some nationally acclaimed upcoming artists.

The Kyneton township will play host to the three day festival which will be presented over seven local venues including galleries, cafes, bars, local churches and the local Mechanics Institute Hall. Festival co-founder Prue Schofield  says, “not only do people get to enjoy the warm welcome of Kyneton, only an hour away from Melbourne, they can also visit local attractions under the friendly wing of the festival, while being entertained by the music and festival atmosphere”.

The Kyneton Music Festival boasts some of the best upcoming acts in the live music scene, already well known for their big live bands and on-stage performances in the festival circuit. The Kyneton Music Festival are mighty proud to present: Eagle and The Worm, Cash Savage and The Last Drinks, Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk, Pony Face, Suzannah Espie, Raised By Eagles, Fraser A. Gorman, OogaBoogas, Ben Mason, Saint Jude, Apes, The Bluebottles, Yeo, Dan Parsons, James Kenyon, The Spoils and many more.

Melbourne eight-piece band Eagle and The Worm will touch hearts, minds and feet of the Kyneton Music Festival audience. Their mix of southern-rock and lounge has the nostalgic tones of 60’s pop to make crowds get up and dance. With Eagle and The Worm’s growing popularity across festivals and airwaves,

Kyneton Music Festival is ecstatic to announce them in its line up this year. Eagle and The Worm will be playing on Friday, 28th February at the Kyneton Mechanics Institute Hall.

Cash Savage has a stage presence well-known across live venues in Melbourne, at festivals and in regional live music hotspots. Kyneton Music Festival is proud to support her 2013 album release “The Hypnotiser”, which has been well received by music reviewers and audiences. Cash and her live band The Last Drinks have created a mix of Gothic country blues,where her storytelling is matched with virtuoso blues guitar of Joe White and the melancholy  accompaniment of horn and violin. Cash Savage and The Last Drinks will play on Saturday, 1st March at the Kyneton Mechanics Institute Hall.

Tickets are on sale now and are available in a Weekend Pass $65, or Day Pass tickets Friday $30, Saturday $40, and Sunday $30.Limited festival camping available. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the website ‘

Vita and Kyneton gives thanks and deep respect to Robert Prue and Tracy for giving back and building a new musical event  that we at Vita is sure will be the new Woodstock for a new generation loving and living in the Women’s Century

Don’t ask what music has done for one ask what one is doing with the music in ones heart