Gough’s legacy to humanity ‘Listen Hear Think’

IMG_2739We must realize that modern civilization is thoroughly oriented towards dehumanizing humanity in every possible way; that is to say, we are fast turning into robots or statues with no human souls. Our task is to get humanized once more.
– D. T. Suzuki, “Humanized Once More”


Well we would have to say Gough Whitlam was very human very current and lived a true present. He ran hard to move the world forward, he  believed that we could all be as one. He loved the other as he would choose to be loved! Gough evolved the hearts and minds of 3 generations and if we stay true to what Gough said ‘listen hear think’, we can pass the learning on to the next 3 generations We can remain humane humble and honorable with and for all that walk and dance in our world.We can be the Sufi dancers!

Sufi Dance

Gough has left us but he lives on in who we have become! It is imperative that we honor that with integrity and RESPECT! Let’s revalue collaboration courage co operation courtesy and clarity of the human spirit

DSCF1158He was a man for all reasons a man for all seasons a man who loved and lived his truth and acted DECISIVELY with determination and discernment He stepped up and had the valor and vivacity of the Goddess within
Gough was one of the great men of our TIME he understood his place and actions in right timing.   gough_whitlam

Don’t ask what humanity has done for one ask what one is doing with humanity