Utopian Girls moving forward in the new world order

The parties over for the “Crean’ bun and Kevin the Pigeon

Oh dear what a debacle of a week in Australian politics, anyway the nasty red seeping boil of patriarchy has been ready to burst for some time! Brilliant job done! It took a “Crean” bun a bad tempered Communication Minister looking for blood, an ex prime minister in denial while pretending he’s not a narcissistic nurse, to lance the wound!

Then came the backup team from the old corkers/ caucus ready to say we were never there and won’t  be coming again it was all too messy!  Fabulous stitching up the old wounds of patriarchy!  Frankly it could be perceived as all a bit sad and pathetic as the old guard persisted in their misguided grab at power, in the last days of patriarchy!


Seriously loved ones how high and how many times does Julia have to jump to show she is the Prime Minister?  Three times it would appear, third time lucky maybe people will pay attention now, so we can keep moving forward! Which ever way one looks at the situation,  one has to admire that Julia has done the hard yards while constantly under seige !

Given the situation she stepped into willingly or not, she  has  created  extraordinary in roads on the the“war on misogyny”. She  stepped up and has played a signoficant role toward creating changes in perception for women who will lead the world in the future.  All the while running a minority government and living behind enemy lines! Be careful Australia be clear whether you want to move forward in August, or return to 1958!

Ah yes and below are American women at the new frontiers,  in their version of the new world order!


Interestingly one wonders how many times Kevin would have to prove himself if the shoe was on the other foot?  The behavior of these men and it was men, is really quite incongruous for people pertaining to run a country! That is if reports are correct of how the preparations for the operation proceeded!  It could be said they were all behaving like a large dysfunctional family blaming their women folk for all the mistakes of the past!

It could be suggested that the patriarchy no longer hold the reigns, their days in the sun are over and the new  world order is stepping up raising the bar and moving forward from patriarchy to a more collaborative approach with a woman holding the reigns~

Don’t ask what a Utopian girl/woman has done for one ask what one is doing for a Utopian girl/woman