Author: Vita Lingus

Lis K is the absolute creator and author of "Muse of Goddess“ " The Essential Vita”. Vita is a well-known Goddess who lives and breathes the joy of conquering all Vita/ Life’s Mountains. A unique website that promotes and creates new futures with and for Ethical Sustainable business. My column now spans two decades. An inspired look at “Vita’s” world, attitudes to love, spiritual matters, ethical, sustainable business, world politics and the less examined issues of life in the 21st century. “Vita's a well-known Goddess unique alert vital very well informed and takes no nonsense. Indeed Passion Mission Business". Committed to Enterprise Development in very now ethical sustainable business”.

Vita moving elegantly in Manhattan

Vita barefoot elegant and so ready to bite the apples in Manhattan This interview was done with Vita’s creator on 8/8/11 Interview with Rochelle Stone “BARE FOOT AND ELEGANT” A QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION WITH ROCHELLE STONE 1. Who is Vita?…